Ways to overcome phone addiction today

Your phone probably has many applications. Most of these applications send their notifications to your phone and every time a notification comes in, you are alert and this pushes you immediately to check on your phone. Now what happens is that you are doing something else which you leave behind for a moment as you are checking what is happening on your phone, your mind gets divided, you no longer focus on what you were doing.

4 ways to discover your potential and increase your self-confidence

In this article, I will discuss four quick ways that will help you learn more about yourself and inherently increase your self-esteem and self-confidence. I’m fully aware that this is a subjective topic. So, I will try and be as unbiased as I can, and jump straight to the point. The content is based on my personal experience. Note that you will never know who you are if you continue following whatever everyone says about you and never give an ear to your inner voice. Sometimes, you want to respond to what people say about you before learning what you want for yourself. Some other times, you want to please people around you before learning to please yourself – trying…

How to discover your true potential and be more productive

In this article, we provide 4 tips that will help you discover and make use of your full potential. Potential by definition is qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness, in other words, an ability to do something. Many of youths right now run for jobs straight after campus to end up working for the rest of their life with no happiness attached and this is because they work just to earn a living and not because they love and enjoy what they do and this is sad because they not do pay much attention to what is inside them. Note that most (All) successful people in the world have made use of…

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