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Product is vital essence of what we do, and truly great products are born of planning and process.

We work with the Elites

Quality above all

Above all, we value good quality and efficiency. That is why we have tirelessly built our team around these values.

No project is success is delivered late

Deliver on time

We always strive to deliver the project on time. No project is a success if delivered late. We bond by this principle.

Who are we, really?

Don’t worry, we are not aliens. We are from planet Earth 🙂

The BeniTalk is a platform to learn, inspire, encourage and share experience to improve each other (build each other up) and make the world a better place . whoever burning with the zeal to add a stone on the giant tower to make the world a better place. Motivation, Biographies, Success Stories, Daily News, Stock Market and Investment, Business Ideas, Interviews, Debates, discussions, Questions, … all in one place.

We believe everybody deserves equal chances to succeed in life. We share this passion with the public by spreading useful information about: entrepreneurship, personal growth, daily motivation, daily news, biographies, success stories, failure stories to learn from, the stock market, free books to read, interviews, etc. We strongly believe that, after motivating someone to exercise their passion, it is equally important to show them how to do it as well. That is why we try, to the best of our ability, to share our knowledge of how to start and run various types of businesses. We achieve this through sharing books, investment strategies, loan acquisition, advertisement and marketing tricks, digital marketing dos and don’ts, etc.

Since we are very conscient that we don’t know it all, we also put a strong emphasis on listing to our audience by allowing them to submit their thoughts and opinions every day. In addition to that, we run a public blog library called “The BeniBlog”, on which anybody is free to write about any topic they wish to share with the community. If you believe our cause is noble, then join our large growing community by following us on our official website www.thebenitalk.com, and on the various social media platform. We shall be very very happy to have you among us.

Project Initiation

We first fully study the project at hand to understand its scope in details.


Then we allocate the project to the right team for processing. This helps maximize resource consumption.

Project Delivery

After all has clicked, we then consult the client about the modalities to launch the project.

Our Services

We offer plenty of useful services and materials that are tailored to fit in the modern economy. Check below to learn how we can help you.

Our Store

From free books, Business Plans, Magazines, Novels, free CV Templates, to free Post Editable Projects, we offer a wide variety of cool stuff. We have something for everybody.

Our Values

Over the years, we have encountered many ups and downs. We have learnt a lot along the way. Below are the things we believe are the most important.


Through thousands of years, humans have survived on beliefs and trust. Due to that, if you disappoint and lose one customer, you’ve probably lost 200 more. Keeping a customer is more valuable than making a short term profit.


Humans have the ability to see through your pretense. No matter how hard you try, your true-self always reveals itself. So, in all you do, be as authentic as you can get.


Doing business is one of the hardest things to do. There bounds to be disappointments and sacrifices. The question now remains: Are you ready to trade fairness with gain? Hopefully not. Because making a short gain and make people lose trust in you, is as well as closing your business altogether.


If you feel cannot deliver a project, do accept it – it’s simple. When you screw up, own it – the other sane people will do the same to you. We understand that the Internet is filled with gurus and liars. That is why we have built ourselves to be as honest as we can get.

Latest Blog Posts

We publish very informative new articles every week.

Ways to overcome phone addiction today

Your phone probably has many applications. Most of these applications send their notifications to your phone and every time a notification comes in, you are alert and this pushes you immediately to check on your phone. Now what happens is that you are doing something else which you leave behind for a moment as you are checking what is happening on your phone, your mind gets divided, you no longer focus on what you were doing.


Are you ready to quit your addiction today? If yes, then you’re on the right track. Quitting an addiction doesn’t seem as easy as other people may think; it takes time and patience to quit one. The first step about quitting an addiction is recognizing that you have an addiction then. Next, see how it affects other parts of your life, and from here, you can know how to go about quitting it. Addiction is the condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.

What people say about us

If you still doubt what we say about ourselves, let our previous clients tell you what they think about us.

Askas Jeremy - The BeniTalk Testimonies
"When I was contacted by Bénite, our business was doing relatively fine. But little did I know how much we could improve on that. The BeniTalk helped us rebrand and generate more sales.
Askas Jeremy

Project Manager at Fleed Tech

Elodie Badas - The BeniTalk Testimonies
"At the beginning of my business, I did know all the needed documents and requirements. The BeniTalk helped me speed up the process, and save a lot of money and time. Thanks a lot.
Elodie Badas

CEO at Elodie Badas Cuisine

Caro Mawejje - The BeniTalk Testimonies
"Without you guys my business probably wouldn't be where it is now. Thanks for the continuous help and support.
Carin Carol

CEO at Bakes by Carols

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