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There is a lot of distraction in the modern world, especially with the young workforce. Our team has put together a shortlist of tips to reduce distraction.

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Our blog is one of the best resources we offer. We publish well-researched and very informative pieces of content every week.

How to Create the Best Call-To-Action for Your Products, and when to use them - The BeniTalk
Marketing | Sales

How to Create the Best Call-To-Action (CTA) for Your Products, and when to use them -The BeniTalk

You must master the art of making powerful call-to-action (CTA) buttons if you want to increase the conversion rates on your website and expand your business. A call to action (CTA) is a suggestion that persuades visitors to carry out a particular task, like making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or obtaining a…

Black person stressed in office - The BeniTalk
Employment | Jobs | Motivation

The Rise of Ghost Jobs: A Phenomenon in the Job Market

Today, we’ll talk about a phenomena known as “ghost jobs,” which has grown more common in the job market. These are advertised positions that don’t actually exist. Job searchers stumble across advertisements that appear unreal, spend time and effort creating their resumes and cover letters, and then submit their applications. They send follow-up emails or…

Important elements of an internship report.  (With practical examples)
Productivity | Report Writing

Important elements of an internship report. (With practical examples)

Today, we will be discussing the essential elements of a well-formatted internship report. Whether you are currently completing an internship or are looking to write one in the future, this information will be valuable to you. We will cover topics such as how to structure your report, what information to include, and how to make…

6 proven methods to make your internship report stand out!
Employment | Productivity | Report Writing

6 proven methods to make your internship report stand out!

An internship report summarizes and reflects on the experiences and learning that occurred during an internship. It typically includes information about the organization where the internship was completed, the specific duties and responsibilities the intern was assigned, the skills and knowledge that the intern gained, and any challenges or successes the intern encountered. Why is…

How to write an effective report at a workplace
Employment | Productivity

How to write an effective report at a workplace

Before you start writing your report, you should understand the purpose of the report you are about to make. A report is not an assumption of events,  every report aims at providing a comprehensive and up-to-date assessment of the company,  to help the company make informed decisions about its strategic direction. A report helps the…

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We offer many useful services and materials that are tailored to fit in the modern economy. Check below to see what we can help you with.

Nice office decoration

Office Decoration

We believe a good working environment is the first step towards success. It’s not practical to motivate the team to be productive if they don’t feel so good in their working environment. That’s why, when we work with you, we always offer suggestions about redecorating your office, if you allow us.

Black women in a meeting

Business Consultation

We profoundly believe that business growth strategies should be shared, more so between small businesses. This is why we love listening to entrepreneurs and helping them develop growth strategies in hopes to succeed together.

Modern UI / UX design

Content Development

For clients to take you seriously, you need to prove to them that you understand well the services or products that you are providing. Humans beings audio-visual creatures, and the best way to do this is by producing great quality modern content that catches attention like a magnet. That’s where we come in.

Black young woman writing on computer


Updates, daily news, motivation, business tips, success stories, failure stories to learn from, fictional stories, stock market news, digital marketing dos and don’ts, tutorials, business hacks, entrepreneurship hacks, new business ideas, at much more. We blog about just about anything.

Women in a meeting

Debates & Interviews

As originally intended, and as our name suggests, we like holding debates and interviews with anyone interested including you reading this, company CEOs, celebrities, investors, venture capitalists, bank managers, employees of various companies to share with us their experiences, and even our fellow team members.

Modern UI / UX design - The BeniDash

The BeniDash (soon)

The BeniDash is a productivity dashboard that we created in collaboration with Fleed Tech Ltd, to help you, your team, and ourselves to draft, create, organize, track, and share various types of ideas through an Open Blog, and create, share or sell various documents like CVs, business plans, pitch-decks, logos, business cards, etc.

In Beta testing

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At the beginning of my business, I didn’t all the needed documents and requirements. The BeniTalk helped me speed up the process, and saved me a lot of money and time. Thanks a lot.
Elodie Badas
Manager at Elodie Badas Cuisine
When I was contacted by Bénite, our business was doing relatively fine. But little did I know how much we could improve. The BeniTalk helped us rebrand and generate new leads and more sales.
Askas Jeremy
CEO at Fleed Tech
Entrepreneurship has never been easy. I tried it nonetheless. But I needed help. Without you guys, my business probably wouldn’t be where it is now. Thanks for the continuous help and support.
Carin Carol
CEO at Bakes by Carol
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