How to discover your true potential and be more productive

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In this article, we provide 4 tips that will help you discover and make use of your full potential. Potential by definition is qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness, in other words, an ability to do something.

Many of youths right now run for jobs straight after campus to end up working for the rest of their life with no happiness attached and this is because they work just to earn a living and not because they love and enjoy what they do and this is sad because they not do pay much attention to what is inside them.

Note that most (All) successful people in the world have made use of their potential and that is what led them to become who they are today. So many people have many opportunities and many things they can do but they do not move because they simply do not realize that they actually can do it and so they keep wishing and admiring others.

Below are 4 tips you need to know for you to discover your full potential right now.

1. Trying new different things will help you discover what you are good at

You might be struggling to do one thing that you think is the only thing you can do and yet you have potential beyond doing just that but you never take a risk to try something you never tried before and if you never try you will never know what is hidden inside of you.

The best football player in the world did not just wake up and found himself at the football pitch getting the Ballon d’Or, He had to try to play soccer for the first time probably at home, then the second time and slowly he began to realize that he was becoming better and better playing until he fully made use of his potential through hard work and determination. Imagine he never tried even once, what would happen?

Remember that trying different things does not mean becoming crazy and doing 30 things at a go but you should still organize yourself, giving each thing a specific time that you will be able to learn. So, trying new things is a very big tool for you to discover the potential inside of you do not get contented or blocked by what people say about you… focus on your goal.

2. Always remember to appreciate, acknowledge and congratulate yourself

Some do not appreciate or congratulate themselves because they feel they are not good enough – that they cannot do anything great even when they have proven themselves wrong countless times in the past. They build a negative mindset because they focus more on the superficials than what matters.

Some may say “Why should I be valued? I’m just a guy!” Well, you need to change your mind right now. You won’t taste the “happy-life” you desire until you learn to appreciate and congratulate yourself first before expecting others to do so to you. Appreciating yourself gives you more guts and helps you squeeze that nasty adrenaline rush that slows you down.
If we are to take past great leaders as an example, you would realize that they were fearless and determined because they first, believed in their cause, and second, they appreciated and celebrated their achievements. Do not expect your peers to give you something you don’t show them that you need. If you need to be appreciated in your society, you must show that you need appreciation.

Some people may see your great achievements, be silent about it when deep inside them they acknowledge your determination. They may even go as far as speaking great about you to other people before congratulating you face to face. All that because they see behaving like a hollow tree that is too humble to shout its prowess.

So this should never allow you to continue accusing others of your behavior. When it happens that you are not congratulated, first introspect yourself to make sure the blame doesn’t originate from you before fingerpointing innocent people.

3. Give the best of yourself even when you have no financial expectations

Most successful businessmen in the world did not make any profit right away on their first year of investment. That did not stop them from keeping up despite all financial or operational difficulties and disappointments. That may have just helped them discover more and more strategies they could put in place to increase their business productivity.

There is so much in you to make you stop wasting your attention on questions like “Will I manage to do it?”, or “Will I be paid for this?”, and start focusing your effort on producing tangible results. Surely, you will only be limiting yourself on growing and discovering more. It is in doing so that you get to learn other things that can lead you to discover what you are good at. Never do things to please or impress people that don’t help you become a better person. It’s supposed to be you first. The rest comes second.

4. Do not ignore your talent

You should never say “It is just a talent. No one would care!”. Ensure that you make use of it to the fullest because. It is not in vain that you have been gifted that way. Give the best and your talent will lead you to do more than you would ever imagine. Finally, remember that every “human being on earth was born with a gift that differentiates them from others but making use of this gift is a personal choice”.

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