How to stay inspired and motivated the right way

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“If he/she did it, I can also do it too” – Some of us use this statement as a motivational boost. We justifiably, or wrongly, look up to people as role models because of their great achievements for various reasons. For better or worse, we find reasons to believe that if another human being like us can accomplish something, we could do the same – and there is nothing wrong with this belief. However, taken too far, this way of motivating ourselves may turn out to be dangerous and may lead to untended outcomes. Keep reading to find out what to take or avoid from your role models.

Not simply because it has worked for someone that it has to work for you too”. In this article, we shall discover the different effects of this statement in a real-life and how it can affect personal growth.

Disclaimer: In this article, I will not insinuate that getting inspiration from other people is bad, far from that. I will simply try to highlight a few holes to avoid falling into while “trying-to-be-like-someone-else”.

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1. Create insecurities

While you are admiring someone’s success and trying to be their copy-cat, more often than not, that role-model keeps on working and improving while you are lagging behind! You will always play catch-up. The better your idol becomes, the more insecure you may get… wondering why their life is cool and yours sucks. Instead of inspiration, you end up falling anxious and desperate, asking yourself why you cannot accomplish what others are blasting through so easily. Which is a very wrong perspective. Not because ABC did it that you too have the potentials to do the exact same. You might be having the potential for something totally different but you are blinded by your uninformed imitation.

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2. Loss of purpose in life

When all you do is stocking other people on social media, you will experience a lack of purpose; which in turn leads to feeling dissatisfied with your life and empty inside. The more you focus on someone’s life, the less you give to yours! You are not doing what YOU love; what gives you fulfillment. Mark’s purpose is to be a YouTuber, but you may want to be a farmer.

Picture this: if you are laying in your bed at night and keep hearing Mark saying that if he earns two thousand dollars per month from his videos, you could too. Which couldn’t be more wrong. This isn’t to say that you really can’t, but there are very many variables to consider that maybe you couldn’t have the time, nor money, nor willingness to tackle. You should be working on your calling. You could still get inspired by Mark to start focusing on what you love; not trying to replicate what he is doing.

3. Loss of appreciation

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So here is my take: instead of wishing for what you may never have, start being grateful for what you already have and build from it. Many people out there are wishing to have that little that you have. Not necessarily because Julie’s business is booming now that yours should too. Everybody has their moment.

4. Barriers

When you blindly wish you were like someone else, you will create barriers to your self-development. You keep on focusing on what is outside rather than the inside. You may never realize that you carry something great inside of you too! Maybe it is time you start focusing on yourself, don’t you think? Doing things not because of what others may think, but because you really want to (as long as you harm no one, of course).

Take away

It is fine to get inspired by other people. It is even fine to have role models and idols. However, it is as important, if not more, to not lose sight of who you are and what you love. Also, as you are planning your stuff, before you get threatened by what others may say, first focus on what you believe is the right thing to do. Start appreciating what you have now. You matter; never forget that.

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