What really is The BeniTalk?

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The BeniTalk is a Youth-focused platform to learn, inspire, encourage and share the experience with a mission to promote a creative environment with motivated people who are free to build each other up and achieve more every day and everywhere. Burning with the zeal to add a stone on the giant tower to make the world a better place. Motivation, Biographies, Success Stories, Daily News, Business Ideas and Plans, Interviews, Debates, Discussions, Job Opportunities, this and more … all in one place.

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Our Objectives

  • Engage the youths in learning new skills and making use of the skills they already acquire.
  • Provide necessary information to guide the youths.
  • Engaging with experienced people to share their experiences, challenges, and how they overcame them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, motivate and share knowledge to promote a creative environment with motivated people who are free to build each other up and achieve more every day, everywhere.

Our Vision

To stimulate natural creativity among the youths.

Our Goal

To promote an informed, fearless and creative society.

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  • High levels of poverty due to lack of means and support, especially for youths.
  • Pessimistic mindsets in our societies.
  • Impure sources of income among girls ending up selling themselves as a way of making money.
  • Broken relationships because of a lack of certain understandings and knowledge.
  • Very few to no jobs.
  • Fewer investments from large corporations.
  • High dependency of youths on their parents.
  • Low levels of innovation.

What we do about it

  • Organize table talks about various topics like: “If I have no capital and I have an idea, what should I do?” These table talks are meant to help us and our viewers learn from our special guests and each other.
  • Create important content of practical learning skills which you can find here on our website.
  • Organize interviews and talks with experienced people about their personal experiences about a given scenario.
  • Write books, novels, and articles based on real-life issues and daily motivation, all available here on our website.
  • Visit single mothers, orphans, and people who have lost hope and confidence to give them back hope through talks and as well as provide them with a few skills, they need to stand up again.

Our 4 main services

1. Office Reinvention / Decoration

We believe a good working environment is the first step towards success. It’s not practical to motivate the team to be productive if they don’t feel so good in their working environment. That’s why, when we work with you, we always offer suggestions about redecorating your office, if you allow us. We offer services like:

  • Decorations.
  • Office Virtual Visualizer (coming soon): where someone sends a photo of their office and we provide a few ideas about how it may look after a redecoration.
  • Various payment packages about decorations.
  • Computers, lights, and other electronics.
  • Furniture.
  • Office Partitioning.

2. Sharing and Inspiration

3. Content creation

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) Design
  • Business Plans
  • Pitch Decks
  • Website Design
  • Branding: Logo, Business Cards, Flyers, stickers, t-shirts, Magazines, E-books
  • Marketing: social media, reviews website and social accounts’ content, SEO, E-books, Videos Ads
  • Market Research Reports
  • Company Pivit
  • New company
  • Projects
  • Products Launch

4. The BeniDash (soon)

Modern UI / UX design - The BeniDash

The BeniDash is a productivity dashboard that we created in collaboration with Fleed Tech Ltd, to help you, your team, and ourselves to draft, create, organize, track, and share various types of ideas through an Open Blog, and create, share or sell various documents like CVs, business plans, pitch-decks, logos, business cards, etc.

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