Why is getting harder to get a job?

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Recession, fluctuation, inflation, decrease in value, instability, uncertainty – when these words start floating around an economy, it is bad news for the labor force because massive layoffs usually follow shortly after. Many companies either stop hiring or lay off some of their employees.

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It is well known that a person makes approximately 35,000 decisions each day. These decisions drive everything you do, from brushing your teeth in the morning to applying for a job online. Due to their large number, these decisions need to be guided by accurate information you have about the world around you. Thus, without information, your decisions can harm you and the people around you.

When you need a job, you need to make sure you know:

  1. Why you need the job in the first place – Because you don’t like your current job? Because you broke? Because you want to try your luck?
  2. Where you will get it – On a job listing website? By asking friends?
  3. How you should apply – Via email? By moving physically to an office?
  4. When is the right time to apply – Is the company currently operating? Is the company hiring now? Aren’t employees striking these days?
  5. What is needed for you to apply – Do you qualify for the job? Which documents or information do they need from you?
  6. Who is the right person to send your application – Should you apply directly to the director’s office? Should you send the email advertising?

Without clear answers to the above question, it will surely be hard for you to get a job. That is why you need to make sure you have all the accurate information, from anywhere you can get it, before making any important decision.


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