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What happened to Richard? The full story.

Disclaimer! The following story is meant to be educative and entertaining. The events and characters in the following story are completely fictional. If the story shares similarities with real-life events that occurred somewhere, it would be absolutely coincidental. Please, read with an open mind and try to pick a lesson to help you in your own life. Part 1 Richard, 23 years old, an ambitious young man, was tired of his full-time job. After watching a few motivational videos on YouTube, he decided to quit his job to work on the projects of his dreams. He had worked several jobs but was still super-broke. He couldn’t take it anymore. He was certain that his ideas could help thousands of people.…

WHY and WHEN should you hire new employees? – Part 1

On a general note, if you are a normal human being, you only have two hands, two eyes, and a few productive hours at your disposal to work. No matter how effective or efficient you can get, you will always need others to help you – even more so during your business growth. That is simply a fact. Besides, good results can come from one mind, but to produce great results, you always need opinions from a team. This cannot be more true for startups. The questions now remain:  Why should I hire new employees? When should I hire new employees? In this article, I will try and answer the above questions from various scenarios, angles, and perspectives. In the…

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